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The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture is a people-powered department — a grassroots action network inciting creativity to shape a culture of empathy, equity, and belonging. Learn more about the USDAC and read their Statement of Values, then join this act of collective imagination! We love the USDAC because the Moderate Woo team met at their Culture Shift Conference in October 2018 and were inspired to form a feminist theatre collective in response to their call to action.


StateraArts takes positive action to bring women into full and equal participation in the arts. Statera, deriving its name from the Latin word for balance, normalizes a humane and holistic creative environment that nourishes innovation. We love Statera because of their commitment to gender equity in the arts, their national mentorship program, and their annual conferences. Moderate Woo team members Molly McCarter and Kristi Good will be presenting at StateraCon in NYC this October.


The Parent Artist Advocacy League is an all-gender, all-discipline, national organization committed to acting as a resource hub and solutions replicator and generator for individuals and institutions seeking parent and caregiver support in the performing arts. Their programs include local chapter meet-ups, the first national all-discipline PAAL Childcare Grants, the PAAL Awarded national list of Family-Friendly theaters, and their PAAL National Handbook of Best Practices for Supporting Caregivers. We love PAAL because they support parent artists.

Workshop PGH

Workshop PGH is a woman-owned do-it-yourself school that focuses on classes taught by local Makers & Small Business Owners. Owner Kelly Malone offers fun events and team building, DIY event planning and has over 18 years of event planning experience in addition to being a DIY expert. Workshop PGH is one of the first DIY schools in the country of it's kind. We love Workshop PGH because Kelly opened her shop to Moderate Woo on the first day of our Pittsburgh “Motherhood Project” residency.

PMA Tattoo

PMA stands for Positive Mental Attitude. PMA Tattoo is owned and operated by artist and entrepreneur Sara Eve. After 10 years in the business, Sara Eve was inspired to create her own tattoo space in order to provide her clients with a calm, reflective and consistent environment. Sara Eve’s studio is a relaxed and professional environment with a woman-centered apprentice program for tattoo artists. We love PMA Tattoo because they took amazing care of the Moderate Woo team when we all got matching tattoos during our Pittsburgh “Motherhood Project” residency.

Arts & Crafts Pittsburgh

Arts & Crafts Pittsburgh is a woman owned and operated botanica and Occult shop. They offer a variety of products and ingredients used in rituals, and general daily life, for those who follow traditional Witchcraft, Wicca, Yoruba, Santeria, Palo Mayombe, and other paths such as various pagan, folk magic, and more. We love Arts & Crafts because they helped us put the “woo” in Moderate Woo by creating a beautiful welcome ritual to kick off our “Motherhood Project” residency in Pittsburgh.

Flatboat Fair Traders

Flatboat Fair Traders is a woman-owned world artisan gift shop located in Highland Park neighborhood in Pittsburgh. They work directly with artisans in Nicaragua and Costa Rica as Women of the Cloud Forest. By designing, creating and marketing artisan products, they are able to provide long-term relationships in developing countries that actually create change without creating dependency. We love Flatboat Traders because they provided Moderate Woo with beautiful fair trade gifts for a welcome ritual during our “Motherhood Project” residency in Pittsburgh.