Moderate Woo is currently developing The Motherhood Project. This is a two-year, multi-city, community-based theatre art project. All four phases, detailed HERE, need funding and sponsorship. Thank you for your generous donation.




The Moderate Woo creative team will be making a minimum of three cross-country trips as part of The Motherhood Project. Please support our travel budget with an online donation. Interested in donating flight vouchers? Please contact us.



Interested in donating space for a Moderate Woo creative team retreat? Would your art organization or theatre like to host an event in support of The Motherhood Project or Moderate Woo theatre collective? Please contact us.




The Motherhood Project requires a robust tech infrastructure to support our interview and data collection process. We are also in need of video recording equipment to document our process. Please support our equipment needs with an online donation. Interested in donating equipment? Please contact us.



Would you like to be interviewed for The Motherhood Project? Would you like to assist with transcribing recorded interviews? Are you interested in supporting our grant-writing efforts? Your time is of incredible value and we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out and let us know how you’d like to contribute.